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CDC Says More Virulent British Strain Of Coronavirus Now Dominant In U.S.

Enlarge this image Pharmacists transport a cool-box containing the first batch of Moderna vaccine being distributed in Britain, at the West Wales General Hospital in...
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Brazil Tops 4,000 Daily COVID-19 Deaths, Nears U.S. Peak

Enlarge this image An aerial view showing a coffin being buried at the Vila Formosa cemetery in Sao Paulo, Brazil, late last month. Brazil has...
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Citing Pandemic Fears, North Korea Says It Won't Attend Tokyo Olympics

Enlarge this image A woman wearing a protective mask to help curb the spread of the coronavirus walks in front of he Olympic Rings on...
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Many World Leaders Call For Treaty On Future Pandemics

Enlarge this image Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson gives an update on the coronavirus pandemic during a virtual news conference in London on Monday. Johnson...
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'Basically In A New Pandemic,' Says Merkel, As Germany Extends Lockdown

Enlarge this image German Chancellor Angela Merkel, with Bavaria’s State Premier Markus Soeder (right) and Berlin’s Mayor Michael Mueller, participate in a news conference following...
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Indoor Visits With Nursing Home Residents OK, New CDC Guidance Says

Enlarge this image A CVS pharmacist gives the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to a resident at the Emerald Court senior living community in Anaheim, Calif., in...
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LA Schools, Teachers Reach Tentative Deal To Reopen Classrooms To In-Person Learning

Enlarge this image Miriam De La Torre, an intervention specialist with LAUSD Charter ICEF Public Schools receives her first COVID-19 Moderna vaccination, earlier this month....
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Syria's Bashar Assad And His Wife Test Positive For Coronavirus

Enlarge this image Syrian President Bashar Assad gestures while speaking to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during talks in Damascus in September. Assad and his...
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British Airways Owner Calls For Digital Health Passes For Passengers

Enlarge this image A British Airways plane comes in to land behind a tail fin at Heathrow Airport in London. On Friday, the head of...
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Chinese Pharmaceutical Makers Seek Approval For New Coronavirus Vaccines

Enlarge this image A medical worker gives a coronavirus vaccine shot to a patient at a vaccination facility in Beijing, in January. Two pharmaceutical companies...