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U.K. Preparing COVID-19 Vaccine Trials That Deliberately Expose Study Subjects

Enlarge this image The study is still awaiting final regulatory approval. If given the green light, a study in which human volunteers will be infected...
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U.K. Preparing COVID-19 Vaccine Trials That Deliberately Infect Study Subjects

Enlarge this image A syringe at the Royal Free Hospital, north London, shown as part of a vaccine trial. Kirsty O’Connor – PA Images/PA Images...
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Single-Day COVID-19 Deaths In Illinois At Highest Level In Months

Enlarge this image People wear face masks as they leave a store in Vernon Hills, Ill., last week. State health officials say the number of...
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Putin Announces Approval Of A Second Unproven Coronavirus Vaccine

Enlarge this image Russia’s Vektor State Enterprise, a former Soviet-era bioweapons lab that has developed a new and yet-to-be-proven coronavirus vaccine, shown in 2018. Donat...
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Police Arrest Anti-Lockdown Protest Leader In New York's Orthodox Jewish Community

Enlarge this image Members of the Orthodox Jewish community gather around a journalist as he conducts an interview on a street corner, last Wednesday, in...
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Dutch Celebrities Face Backlash After Rejecting Efforts To Prevent COVID-19

Enlarge this image Dutch YouTube star turned model and singer Famke Louise performs on stage during a live show on television in the Netherlands. Famke...
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In U.N. Speech, Trump Blasts China And WHO, Blaming Them For Spread Of COVID-19

Enlarge this image In this image made from UNTV video, President Trump speaks in a pre-recorded message that was played Tuesday during the 75th session...
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Former Italian Premier Berlusconi Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Enlarge this image Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi waving at members of the media in Rome, Italy, in 2011. Berlusconi’s staff announced Wednesday that...
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U.S. Won’t Join WHO-Led Coronavirus Vaccine Effort, White House Says

A Trump administration spokesman says Washington will continue to engage the rest of the world in vaccine development but won’t be “constrained” by the “corrupt”...
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California OKs Extension Of COVID-19 Moratorium On Evictions

Enlarge this image A paper envelope written with the words “Rent Money $” is left tucked in a lighting pole in April in the Boyle...