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World's Biggest Vaccine Maker 'Very Stressed' As India Sees Record Spike In COVID-19

Enlarge this image Police officers stand guard during a night curfew designed to limit the spread of the coronavirus in New Delhi April 6, 2021....
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India Breaks Its Single-Day Case Record With More than 100,000 New Infections

Enlarge this image People wait for coronavirus test outside a court in Mumbai on Monday as India reported its biggest single-day spike in confirmed coronavirus...
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India Reports Its Highest Daily Number Of COVID-19 Deaths So Far This Year

Enlarge this image Commuters wait to board a suburban train on Tuesday at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus prior to the night curfew that has been...
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Data Show India's Homegrown COVID-19 Vaccine Works — 2 Months After It Was Approved

Enlarge this image The Indian-made vaccine from Bharat Biotech has already been in use in the country. Pallava Bagla/Corbis via Getty Images Pallava Bagla/Corbis via...
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India's Massive Coronavirus Vaccine Effort Begins Today

India embarks Saturday on a massive coronavirus vaccination campaign today. Hospitals have been rehearsing for weeks. India aims to inoculate a first batch of 300...
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India Kicks Off A Massive COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

Enlarge this image A medical worker inoculates a colleague with a COVID-19 vaccine at the Nil Ratan Sircar Medical College and Hospital in Kolkata on...
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India Prepares For Massive Vaccine Drive, But Some Fear It's Moving Too Quickly

Enlarge this image A box for COVID-19 vaccine storage, at Aishbagh on Tuesday, in Lucknow, India. India, a country of 1.4 billion people, is preparing...
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India Confirms 9 Million Coronavirus Infections

Enlarge this image A health worker wearing protective gear collects a swab sample from a woman during a medical screening for the Covid-19 coronavirus at...
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Taj Mahal Reopens In India For 1st Time In Six Months

Enlarge this image Tourists visit the Taj Mahal on Monday, when it reopened after being closed for more than six months due to the coronavirus...
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India Is On Track To Surpass U.S. As The Country Worst Affected By COVID-19

Enlarge this image A health worker wearing protective gear collects a swab sample during a medical screening for the coronavirus in Mumbai on Wednesday. The...