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India Confirms 9 Million Coronavirus Infections

Enlarge this image A health worker wearing protective gear collects a swab sample from a woman during a medical screening for the Covid-19 coronavirus at...
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Taj Mahal Reopens In India For 1st Time In Six Months

Enlarge this image Tourists visit the Taj Mahal on Monday, when it reopened after being closed for more than six months due to the coronavirus...
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India Is On Track To Surpass U.S. As The Country Worst Affected By COVID-19

Enlarge this image A health worker wearing protective gear collects a swab sample during a medical screening for the coronavirus in Mumbai on Wednesday. The...
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At Least 25 Indian Lawmakers Test Positive For Coronavirus As Parliament Reopens

Enlarge this image Politicians gathered at India’s Parliament House ahead of the first session in six months, on Sept. 13 in New Delhi. Sanjeev Verma/Hindustan...
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Indian Economy Shrinks By 24% As The Country Sees Its Highest Coronavirus Numbers

Enlarge this image Workers and day laborers gather outside shuttered stores Monday in New Delhi. Once the world’s fastest-growing major economy, India posted its steepest...
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Hindus Work Around Coronavirus To Celebrate God Ganesh, Remover Of Obstacles

Enlarge this image Devotees prepare to immerse in an artificial pond an idol of elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesh in Mumbai, India, Aug. 23. India’s coronavirus...