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Johnson & Johnson To Oversee Vaccine Production At Baltimore Facility

Enlarge this image Johnson & Johnson will oversee all aspects of vaccine production at the Emergent BioSolutions facility in Baltimore. The Biden administration and the...
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San Francisco Reopens Indoor Dining, Gyms As Coronavirus Cases Drop

Enlarge this image Little Italy neighborhood of San Francisco, July 2020. The city will relax coronavirus restrictions Wednesday, including the reopening of indoor dining and...
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Johnson & Johnson Applies For Emergency Use Authorization for Anti-COVID-19 Vaccine

Enlarge this image A dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in New York, 2020. Johnson & Johnson is the third vaccine candidate to apply for...
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One Emergency After Another: Wisconsin Governor And Legislators Battle Over COVID-19

Enlarge this image Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, seen last year. Lawmakers repealed his executive order declaring a coronavirus emergency. He issued a new one. Morry...
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A New Coronavirus Variant From Brazil, Is Found In Minnesota

Enlarge this image A new variant of the coronavirus first discovered in Brazil was detected in Minneapolis, Minn. The variant is believed to be more...
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Gorilla Gets Monoclonal Antibody Therapy For COVID-19

Enlarge this image One of the eight gorillas in the troop at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in California. Some of the gorillas contracted...
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Stay-At-Home Order Lifted for Sacramento Region In California

The Greater Sacramento Region of California lifted its regional stay at home order Tuesday after a month-long shutdown. The order restricted most California residents from...
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CDC Requires COVID-19 Test From Air Passengers Entering the U.S.

Enlarge this image Dulles International Airport last month. The CDC will require all air passengers entering the U.S. to provide a negative COVID-19 test before...
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DOD Unveils Its Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution Plan

Enlarge this image Director of the Defense Health Agency Army Lt. Gen. Ronald Place on Dec. 9. The DOD expects to receive about 44,000 doses...
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Massachusetts Reimposes Coronavirus Restrictions

Enlarge this image Gov. Charlie Baker at The New England Center for Children in July. With coronavirus cases continuing to climb across the state, Baker...